Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to emotional wreck

I know I just posted moments ago, but after I got my make up on, guess who called... Adam. I answered and he began with how sorry he was for getting irritated with me earlier!!! Oh my gosh, I have the best husband ever (yes, I did tell him he did nothing wrong and I was just crazy girl right now)

I win the award...

Let me begin by saying that this blog is not helping my stress level. This morning Adam called and needed me to rush over and do something (will discuss further in a moment) and I was so upset because I have so much to do. On the way home I realized, um Jessica, you were reading blogs when Adam called. HELLO! I don't think blog reading will help you get moved or get your classroom ready. I have issues.

Not that I have the feeling too many guys read my blog, (let's be honest here. My blog is pink. I write about mascara and bridesmaid drama.)but just in case, here's a warning to the males, skip this one. However innappropriate even girls might find this, it has to be said. During that "wonderful time" I turn into super bitch (also, please excuse my lack of a better term). It's like in an instant I run into that phone booth and plow out with a huge SB on my pink leotard and reak havack on anyone I come in contact with. I also appologize in advance for the reoccuring mentions of Adam. Look, I am newly married, cut me some slack (omg, that was bitchy too, wasnt it?) So I am at my computer reading blogs and having a generally lovely time. Then Adam calls... he needs me to run over to the office and pick up something to fax while I am at school today. Of course I hadn't even considered taking a shower or getting ready yet, so like a good wife I just run to the car in my p.j.'s to meet him. On the drive, I turn onto the road I know it is either on, or right off of. I call Adam. No answer. I drive, I call Adam. No answer. I drive some more, I call Adam. No answer. For the love of cookies, answer the phone! I reach the end of the road right as he calls. It's too late... I'm now in bitch mode. I immediately starting getting on his case about not answering the phone as I tried to tell him where I was. He vaguely knew, and tried to direct me to the office. All the while, I am yelling obscenities into the phone at him because he can't give me adequate directions. It is now his fault that I was cursed with the ability to get lost in a paper bag. (I am not kidding. I am directionally challenged. It's quite tragic) So I'm talking on the phone to Adam, making crazy weaves and turns, and I eventually find the office. I pulled up and of course he asked what was wrong... bad move. I told him EXACTLY what was wrong - he sucked at giving directions (well, in so many words). He handed me the fax and said "okay, I'll see you later." To this my response was "YOU'RE WELCOME!!" I don't think Adam will be rushing home after work today. Anyway, we all know that right after you have the bitch fest, you have the emotional break down. This happened as soon as I got home. I got online to finish my blog reading and read Tassie's blog. I started crying. Then, I realized how horrible I was to the man who, just last night, helped me cut out giant bananas for my school bulletin board. I am a horrible wife. I cry more. Ugh, what the crap? I just want to pick an emotion and go with it, ya know? I now think I am back to my SB role. I have the feeling that people at school who have read this will be avoiding me later when I show up. "Oh crap, here she comes! Look away, look away!" Well, I did manage to get my shower so now I suppose I need to get my face on and head to school to actually get something accomplished. For all of you who might see me today, I pray for your sake I am back to "emotional wreck" instead of the above mentioned.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today has been extremely productive. Adam was totally stressed out last night with all of the things he had to do (in turn making me extremely stressed; but we all know I worry about everything anyway, so that wasn't much of a change) so he took off work today to get stuff done. He started by getting his car tag taken care of this morning, then we had to go to the district office to drop off paperwork for me to change my name on all the stuff, then went to school for him to meet Ms.Lynn, Mrs. Lisa, and Ms. Mosley and for me to discuss the issue about the wedding. Well two of the lovely ladies weren't there so we headed to the DMV for me to get my new Mississippi license. Surprisingly, the lady there was super nice. And yes, I am saying this because she let me retake my picture. I mean, if I have to carry something around with my picture on it and show it to everyone, its nice to have one where I don't look like I went to the DMV in the midst of a wind storm. So cool how you get your license that day in Mississippi. In Alabama they give you a pretty little blue paper license until the real one comes in the mail. I got my license renewed one time and when I got back to Mississippi they carded me for something. I handed them that and they laughed at me! The lady goes "Um, mam, this is not a license. This is a blue piece of paper." I tried to explain how things were done where I was from, but apparently she thought I was crazy. Totally random - back to what I was saying. After the DMV we had to go to the Columbus Air Force base for Adam to update his DEERS (I have no idea what this is so dont even ask). I had to get a military ID made (so cool!) and NOW that he updated that stuff, we can apply for insurance with the army. Ugh, you have to go through so much to get married and live in this country. In the beginning I told Adam that if he ever cheated on my I would divorce him... not necessarily the case now. You couldn't pay me to go through all this crap again. Well, after this we headed back to school and I finally got the wedding situation resolved (however the bride-to-be is a little perturbed with me). THEN we headed home to look at car insurance. (I can't believe you people are still reading this, even I am getting bored with all the stuff we had to do today.) Got that taken care of and now I am about to cook dinner.

My dad is a big hunter so our freezer is full of venison. I love to cook, but can't say that I have any super recipes for deer. I looked on the internet and found one that looks interesting so we'll see what happens. Honestly, even if it tasted like doo doo Adam would eat it. One of the many things I love about this man. He was in the army and got deployed so pretty much anything I make will be better than those MRE's he had to eat for 3 years. And not to mention we are still in that honeymoon phase where he is still worried about my feelings and would tell me any meal tasted fabulous.

We are also moving this week. Oh the joys. We aren't even packed yet. I need like 5 of me to run around and do all the stuff that needs to be done. Speaking of, have you ever seen Multiplicity? Oh my goodness, so funny. Michael Keeton as number 4 (or was it 3... ) is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. If you haven't seen this, you must go rent it. Sorry, I don't know what is with all the tangents today. I typcially try to keep my blogs organized and on point, however today I am trailing off on all sorts things. Guess my mind is just going like 100mph right now. So back to what I was saying, we hope our new place is still going to be ready Friday. My parents are coming down that night and Adam's parents are coming Saturday morning to help us with everything. It will be soooo nice to have everything in one place and get settled. I feel like a bag lady right now trying to find stuff. I have lost a shoe in the midst of this craziness. How do you lose a shoe?? I mean, you wear two of them, you take two of them off, you put two of them away. It's not that complicated. I however, have managed to wear two of them, take two of them off, and put ONE of them away.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Blog commercial

If you dont like commercials, you might want to skip this blog. As I was putting on my fab mascara this morning, I was thinking, if one of my friend found an awesome product/store, I'd want to know about it. You might not give a hoot about what I use or where I shop, but I'm just going to humor myself and share 10 of them...
1. Sugar Free Red Bull - Anyone who knows me is not surprised this is first on the list. People at my new school asked what was wrong if they didn't see one in my hand in the morning. In addition to tasting like heavenly sweet-tarts, they really do up your metabolism.
2. Rimmel glam eyes mascara - I'm sure I am not the only woman out there who has been on the quest for the perfect mascara. I hate those people who are blessed with naturally long, voluminous lashes. Mine are stubs. Seriously, I have the worst eyelashes in history. I have tried all kinds of products, but on my last journey to Wal-Mart I picked this one up. It totally rocks. Long lashes and no clumps.
3. Keens - Some of you might have seen me sporting these unusual shoes. I'm telling you - they might not look high fashion super cute, but they are AWESOME. I don't know if I am falling into the trap of the typical teacher who searches for comfortable shoes, but I would so wear these everyday. They are super comfy and (I'm sure this doesnt apply to a lot of you), but if you are wading through the creek you'll love the clumsy girl guard. I am notorious for injuring myself and these shoes have a rubber thingy that goes over your toes so you can't stub them on rocks! Its like a tennis shoes and a sandal bunched into one. Its a tandle and its awesome.
4. Welch's fruit snacks (berries n' cherries) - I am hypoglycemic so I have to keep stuff in my purse when my sugar gets low. These squishy gummies of goodness knock the edge of a sugar plunge. They are only 80 calories a pack and I think give you 100% of your vitamin C intake for the day. Dont quote me; I am out right now or I would double check the box.

5. Blistex silk and shine - This chapstick is super wonderful. It has an SPF 15 and really makes your lips feel sensational. Adam likes the way it tastes too. I mean, he doesn't eat it (that would be so funny."Hey honey while your at the store can you pick up some oreos and blixtex silk and shine?") Its just better when he kisses me that he doesn't taste wax.

6. McAlisters cesar salad - I am a cesar salad fanatic. If you haven't tried the one at McAlister's you dont know what you are missing. Other places with awesome ones are Red Lobster, Logans, and Ricatoni's.

6. Old Navy - Listen, I am working on a teacher's salary. This means funds are LOW. I can go into any Old Navy and find at least one thing I have to buy.

7. TJ Maxx - Oh my gosh, I wish I had a million dollars to spend in this store. And, with the prices, that would buy a lot. You can buy everything here. Looking for a new shower curtain - thye've got it. Need a cute pair of shoes - look no further. Have to have a cute serving platter for your party - its here. Its like a mini Wal-Mart but with way better stuff.... and no freezer section.

8. Adam's Acer laptop - I bought a Toshiba one in college and it is horrible. I had never heard of the Acer brand, but it is very cool. He's had it for a long time and not a single problem out of it.

9. Bath and Body Works Midnight Pomegranate body splash - No, I didn't buy this because of the sudden pomegranate craze. It was on sale when I went into the store so I bought it. It smells like perfection in a bottle. I know all people aren't fans of the pomegranate smell, but I think its very spiffy.

10. Dove moisture therapy replenishing mist - My hair gets super dry with all of the heat styling I do. Found this great stuff at Wal-Mart and I swear by it now.

Hope you have found one or two new things you might like to try. Also, if you know of something fantastic, please share! I'm always looking for "the perfect ____".

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life is good

Let's try this again... I typed out a whole blog ealier this evening only to lose internet connection, in turn losing everything I typed. Adam is calling me a SERIOUS dork for getting on here again to blog. So, obviously Adam made it home safely. Earlier tonight as I was sitting on the couch watching a movie with him drinking my momosa, I realized how blessed I am. Yes, I rant and rave about all of the drama I encounter, but I really am lucky. Adam plays a big part in those feelings. HOWEVER, yesterday I think I coulda slapped him.... let me explain

Adam has had the same cell phone since I met him. Good phone, but it has finally gone to poop. The only way he can hear is to put it on speaker and turn it upside down to listen and talk. Yes, it is hilarious. Anyway, as soon as he got back of course we went to get him a new phone. Well, his contract was up on the one he shares with his family, so we (well, he) had to debate on whether to renew on theirs, or get put on mine. We went to the place by Giggleswick and there was a really nice guy who helped us; very feminine, but helpful nonetheless. I felt bad for the guy... here he is sitting behind a desk listening to Adam explain to his dad (for 30 minutes!) the details of staying on their contract or getting on mine. After several annoyed looks and I think one instance of putting my head on the table, he finally got off the phone. During this half hour he was on the phone, he decided he wanted an iphone.... which this place did not carry. Arrrggghhh! Yes, I was upset with Adam, but I felt super sorry for the lady man who had to sit there and listen to all of it for nothing. We buckled up and headed to the other store by Kroger. Much better experience here. The lady that helped us, Pam I think, totally reminded me of Mrs. Lynn. If you ever go to this ATT location, ask for Pam. She is super fun. Well, we spent about an hour and half there transferring his number to my account. After it was all said and done Pam handed us a card with Adam's new number... yes, thats right, NEW number. We thought we were going through all this hooplah so he could KEEP his number. I wont even go into why this wasnt do-able.

Dont forget that this was suppoed to be our Red Lobster night. As you can imagine, after this ordeal we were hardly up for driving an hour to Tupelo. We walked outside the store and decided to eat good in the neighborhood since it was in sight. Don't get me wrong, we love Applebee's. Eat there a lot actually. Although, I dont know if we will now. The waitress (not ours) totally hated on me! (Yes, I just said hated. I'm sorry, I just don't know another way to describe it) So our waiter asked if I would like something to drink and I ordered a strawberry-mango swirl margarita. Adam and I drank it while we were waiting on our salads (he wanted to order one, but thought it was too girly). Well, as we were eating our salads the waiter asked if I would like another so I said yes. A few minutes later another waitress came to our table to deliver my therapy and, no joke, said "Whoa, already going for number two huh?" WHAT?! It was like she was insinuating alcoholism or something. I mean, crap, if you just sat there for two hours listening to your husband explain the ins and outs of a cell phone plan to your father-in-law who is taking notes on everything you might feel like throwing a few back yourself lady. Geez, I should've just said "I'm a teacher" and left it at that. Don't think I will be going to Applebee's website anytime soon to check out the videos. Not that I ever would. I mean, you know you have hit rock bottom when you have nothing to do except get on the internet and watch strangers eat. (In case you were unaware, Applebee's has this thing where you can like upload videos or pictures of you and friends "eating good in the neighborhood to their website". No, I didnt find this out during my periodic check of Applebee's website. They said it during an Applebee's commercial.) Crap, I bet I have given them business now. I'm sure you are all opening a new tab to see this craziness. Its funny though, everytime we eat there all I can think about is the movie Waiting. If you have not seen this movie and enjoy Applebee's or any of the other similar chain restuartants, don't. It ruined them for a long time for me. I mean, I had major mashed potato trauma after this film.

I feel like my first blog was funnier... the one that got deleted. Maybe it was the momosa that has since worn off. Oh well, Tassie thinks I'm funny. And we all know you just need that one friend who finds you amusing. Life is good.