Sunday, July 13, 2008

To buy or not to buy, that is the question

More research... No wine this time so we'll see how well this blog works as venting therapy. I am stressed to the max. Yes, getting married and planning was rough, however this house thing is waaaay worse. I am not really a fan of this growing up thing - seriously overrated. Here's the deal. Adam and I will be in Starkville for three more years (He has two years of school and he will be deployed for a year beginning next summer... I wont even get into this because its just too hard to discuss). Sooooo we are debating about buying a house. Well, I should say, we were going to buy a house until my parents suggested renting until we move somewhere else. We are looking seriously at two houses. One is out of town a little bit (Self Creek Rd.) and the other is in town on White Dr. Since I am not a modest person I will go ahead and fill in the blogger community as to our budget - $120,000. Now, in Florence, AL where I am from, this would buy a very nice home. However, in Starkvegas, it doesnt buy a whole lot. I mean we're talking 1300-1500 square feet of house circa 1980 decor.

Adam and I understand that we will need to do some work on any house in our price range. Thats fine. We are excited about that actually. My parents however, are a little in doubt as to whether we would get our money out of the house when we resell. Here are the things I have to take into consideration with this whole renting/buying dilema:

1. Adam will be gone for a year which means I will be responsible for all of the maintenance, yard work, etc.... a little scary.

2. Buying out of town would cost us more in gas and we would be a lot further from school.

3. Reselling might be a problem wherever we buy a home (and trust me when Adam graduates, we want to get OUT)

4. However, we could rent the house if it doesnt sell

5. However, if we are far away, could we be landlords?

6. Rent payments for a place to accomodate Indy (Adam's black lab) are running about $800 - about the same as a house payment.

7. However, if we bought, we would have addition costs for maintenance and we wouldn't if we rented.


There are also a million other things to consider and I am totally confused. This is the absolute WORST time Adam could be gone. He is in Hattiesburg at Camp Shelby playing cowboys and indians while I am here (ALONE) trying to decide on an investment that will impact the rest of our life. Hmmm, does this not seem fair to anyone else? I know he doesnt have a choice about the matter,but still, is it too much to ask for him to like fake a rare disease and come back home so we dont end up living in a cardboard box on the drill field?? A little further information, our lease is up at the end of July... as in we only have until that point to find a place to live. You see my concern. I called Adam's parents crying yesterday and being the nice people they are, they agreed to come up to Starkville today to look at the two houses and give their input. I hope this is the clarity I need to make a decision.


Tassie Rosamond said...

What did the Madison Martins say about the house??? I'm dying to know! Call me....