Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today has been extremely productive. Adam was totally stressed out last night with all of the things he had to do (in turn making me extremely stressed; but we all know I worry about everything anyway, so that wasn't much of a change) so he took off work today to get stuff done. He started by getting his car tag taken care of this morning, then we had to go to the district office to drop off paperwork for me to change my name on all the stuff, then went to school for him to meet Ms.Lynn, Mrs. Lisa, and Ms. Mosley and for me to discuss the issue about the wedding. Well two of the lovely ladies weren't there so we headed to the DMV for me to get my new Mississippi license. Surprisingly, the lady there was super nice. And yes, I am saying this because she let me retake my picture. I mean, if I have to carry something around with my picture on it and show it to everyone, its nice to have one where I don't look like I went to the DMV in the midst of a wind storm. So cool how you get your license that day in Mississippi. In Alabama they give you a pretty little blue paper license until the real one comes in the mail. I got my license renewed one time and when I got back to Mississippi they carded me for something. I handed them that and they laughed at me! The lady goes "Um, mam, this is not a license. This is a blue piece of paper." I tried to explain how things were done where I was from, but apparently she thought I was crazy. Totally random - back to what I was saying. After the DMV we had to go to the Columbus Air Force base for Adam to update his DEERS (I have no idea what this is so dont even ask). I had to get a military ID made (so cool!) and NOW that he updated that stuff, we can apply for insurance with the army. Ugh, you have to go through so much to get married and live in this country. In the beginning I told Adam that if he ever cheated on my I would divorce him... not necessarily the case now. You couldn't pay me to go through all this crap again. Well, after this we headed back to school and I finally got the wedding situation resolved (however the bride-to-be is a little perturbed with me). THEN we headed home to look at car insurance. (I can't believe you people are still reading this, even I am getting bored with all the stuff we had to do today.) Got that taken care of and now I am about to cook dinner.

My dad is a big hunter so our freezer is full of venison. I love to cook, but can't say that I have any super recipes for deer. I looked on the internet and found one that looks interesting so we'll see what happens. Honestly, even if it tasted like doo doo Adam would eat it. One of the many things I love about this man. He was in the army and got deployed so pretty much anything I make will be better than those MRE's he had to eat for 3 years. And not to mention we are still in that honeymoon phase where he is still worried about my feelings and would tell me any meal tasted fabulous.

We are also moving this week. Oh the joys. We aren't even packed yet. I need like 5 of me to run around and do all the stuff that needs to be done. Speaking of, have you ever seen Multiplicity? Oh my goodness, so funny. Michael Keeton as number 4 (or was it 3... ) is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. If you haven't seen this, you must go rent it. Sorry, I don't know what is with all the tangents today. I typcially try to keep my blogs organized and on point, however today I am trailing off on all sorts things. Guess my mind is just going like 100mph right now. So back to what I was saying, we hope our new place is still going to be ready Friday. My parents are coming down that night and Adam's parents are coming Saturday morning to help us with everything. It will be soooo nice to have everything in one place and get settled. I feel like a bag lady right now trying to find stuff. I have lost a shoe in the midst of this craziness. How do you lose a shoe?? I mean, you wear two of them, you take two of them off, you put two of them away. It's not that complicated. I however, have managed to wear two of them, take two of them off, and put ONE of them away.


Tassie Rosamond said...

I have lost one shoe before so don't happens. Sounds like you got lots done. I always feel good after a day like can look back at what you did and see results....teaching isn't like that though. Love you!

twoLs said...

HEY! i'm new to blogging land also!!!

fell upon your blog while searching... i'm also newly married! :)

twoLs said...

YAY! thanks for showing me how to do it!!

i just added you as well :)

so exciting!!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow - you are more productive in one day then I've been in possibly the last four years. Also your blog is absolutely adorable and thank you for the link - I'm flattered and I'll definitely be linking back to yours!

jessica melvin said...

hey...ive lost a shoe before. it took me about a year the find both of them. one was in starkville...and the other one was in madison. tell me how that happens?!