Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm so buying one... you want one too?

Well, its official... I curse myself. I don't know how I do it! When God handed out talents, he saw me and was like "oh, this will be so funny. I'm gonna make this girl do crazy stuff that will cause her immense stress. And then- here's the best part -I'm going to make her THINK everything is back to normal, then WHABAM! More saga! Oh yes, that will be her talent." Yes, I jest, I know its all my own fault with these stupid brain farts. Anyway, let me fill you in on the drama that is my life.
So my friend Laura asked me to be in her wedding forever ago. She hadnt set a date yet and I was still working at my old school and was clueless as to what I would being doing the next year. Anyway, so I'm super busy working on my wedding, going on the honeymoon, writing thank you notes, trying to figure out a place to live, all that stuff. I went on doing all these things thinking that school started August 1st (why I had this date in my head I have no idea). Then, I was messing around on the computer a few days ago and realized the kids dont start until the 7th! That means her wedding (in Jackson) is on the second day of school! AAAHHH. How could I be so retarded??!! I cant ask off that day! I mean how awesome would that be, "um excuse me Ms. Principal, I know you took a crazy chance hiring me, and I know this is my one chance to make a good impression and show I am a good teacher (after all the stuff last year), but I'm gonna need to take the second day of my NEW job off. Okay? Oh the kids? I can leave them with the BRAND NEW assistant I have. Sure, he doesnt know ANYTHING about this school, but maybe he won't lose too many of them. " No way! So I called my mom bawling... my poor mom, all she gets are the "woe is me" phone calls. After that and talking to a few teachers, all I could figure is just to ask if I could leave as soon as school gets out so I can try to make it to Jackson for the wedding. I will be missing the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and the pictures, but I just pray I can at least make it to the wedding. What all this boils down to is the fact that I did it to myself. I posted earlier today that my life was so uneventful and boring.... ugh. There was also a financial matter that got all crazy today and I had to take care of it, but that is nothing to rant and rave about. I have already shared the basics of what kind of house we can afford and how broke I am, I feel that is enough for the public at this point.


Tassie Rosamond said...

I like the bridesmaid pic you have in this post. I think I'll buy a stress reduction kit too.