Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life is good

Let's try this again... I typed out a whole blog ealier this evening only to lose internet connection, in turn losing everything I typed. Adam is calling me a SERIOUS dork for getting on here again to blog. So, obviously Adam made it home safely. Earlier tonight as I was sitting on the couch watching a movie with him drinking my momosa, I realized how blessed I am. Yes, I rant and rave about all of the drama I encounter, but I really am lucky. Adam plays a big part in those feelings. HOWEVER, yesterday I think I coulda slapped him.... let me explain

Adam has had the same cell phone since I met him. Good phone, but it has finally gone to poop. The only way he can hear is to put it on speaker and turn it upside down to listen and talk. Yes, it is hilarious. Anyway, as soon as he got back of course we went to get him a new phone. Well, his contract was up on the one he shares with his family, so we (well, he) had to debate on whether to renew on theirs, or get put on mine. We went to the place by Giggleswick and there was a really nice guy who helped us; very feminine, but helpful nonetheless. I felt bad for the guy... here he is sitting behind a desk listening to Adam explain to his dad (for 30 minutes!) the details of staying on their contract or getting on mine. After several annoyed looks and I think one instance of putting my head on the table, he finally got off the phone. During this half hour he was on the phone, he decided he wanted an iphone.... which this place did not carry. Arrrggghhh! Yes, I was upset with Adam, but I felt super sorry for the lady man who had to sit there and listen to all of it for nothing. We buckled up and headed to the other store by Kroger. Much better experience here. The lady that helped us, Pam I think, totally reminded me of Mrs. Lynn. If you ever go to this ATT location, ask for Pam. She is super fun. Well, we spent about an hour and half there transferring his number to my account. After it was all said and done Pam handed us a card with Adam's new number... yes, thats right, NEW number. We thought we were going through all this hooplah so he could KEEP his number. I wont even go into why this wasnt do-able.

Dont forget that this was suppoed to be our Red Lobster night. As you can imagine, after this ordeal we were hardly up for driving an hour to Tupelo. We walked outside the store and decided to eat good in the neighborhood since it was in sight. Don't get me wrong, we love Applebee's. Eat there a lot actually. Although, I dont know if we will now. The waitress (not ours) totally hated on me! (Yes, I just said hated. I'm sorry, I just don't know another way to describe it) So our waiter asked if I would like something to drink and I ordered a strawberry-mango swirl margarita. Adam and I drank it while we were waiting on our salads (he wanted to order one, but thought it was too girly). Well, as we were eating our salads the waiter asked if I would like another so I said yes. A few minutes later another waitress came to our table to deliver my therapy and, no joke, said "Whoa, already going for number two huh?" WHAT?! It was like she was insinuating alcoholism or something. I mean, crap, if you just sat there for two hours listening to your husband explain the ins and outs of a cell phone plan to your father-in-law who is taking notes on everything you might feel like throwing a few back yourself lady. Geez, I should've just said "I'm a teacher" and left it at that. Don't think I will be going to Applebee's website anytime soon to check out the videos. Not that I ever would. I mean, you know you have hit rock bottom when you have nothing to do except get on the internet and watch strangers eat. (In case you were unaware, Applebee's has this thing where you can like upload videos or pictures of you and friends "eating good in the neighborhood to their website". No, I didnt find this out during my periodic check of Applebee's website. They said it during an Applebee's commercial.) Crap, I bet I have given them business now. I'm sure you are all opening a new tab to see this craziness. Its funny though, everytime we eat there all I can think about is the movie Waiting. If you have not seen this movie and enjoy Applebee's or any of the other similar chain restuartants, don't. It ruined them for a long time for me. I mean, I had major mashed potato trauma after this film.

I feel like my first blog was funnier... the one that got deleted. Maybe it was the momosa that has since worn off. Oh well, Tassie thinks I'm funny. And we all know you just need that one friend who finds you amusing. Life is good.


Tassie Rosamond said...

I made it to your blog today...Yay!!! I thought this was funny, by the way.

Crystal said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet a friend of Tassie's. I went ahead and read all of your posts and I'm gonna put you on my blog roll if that's ok with you. I thought this one was funny too. In the post yesterday, when you were talking about Red Lobster and mentioned cheddar biscuits, it made me think of that Boondocks cartoon. I don't know if you've ever watched it but it's pretty funny. This show is wrong on so many level, but it cracks me up. This one episode, Grandad is going on a date and the boys don't want him to. There is mention of cheddar biscuits. Here's the link to the Youtube clip:
Anyway, sorry this is so long. See ya.

Lynn said...

Okay you know I love your blog space however, I would like to this comment to go to Adam who I have never met, but just want him to know there are so many more of us than be a "computer nerd" we got your back. Look forward to meeting you Adam!!