Monday, July 28, 2008

Blog commercial

If you dont like commercials, you might want to skip this blog. As I was putting on my fab mascara this morning, I was thinking, if one of my friend found an awesome product/store, I'd want to know about it. You might not give a hoot about what I use or where I shop, but I'm just going to humor myself and share 10 of them...
1. Sugar Free Red Bull - Anyone who knows me is not surprised this is first on the list. People at my new school asked what was wrong if they didn't see one in my hand in the morning. In addition to tasting like heavenly sweet-tarts, they really do up your metabolism.
2. Rimmel glam eyes mascara - I'm sure I am not the only woman out there who has been on the quest for the perfect mascara. I hate those people who are blessed with naturally long, voluminous lashes. Mine are stubs. Seriously, I have the worst eyelashes in history. I have tried all kinds of products, but on my last journey to Wal-Mart I picked this one up. It totally rocks. Long lashes and no clumps.
3. Keens - Some of you might have seen me sporting these unusual shoes. I'm telling you - they might not look high fashion super cute, but they are AWESOME. I don't know if I am falling into the trap of the typical teacher who searches for comfortable shoes, but I would so wear these everyday. They are super comfy and (I'm sure this doesnt apply to a lot of you), but if you are wading through the creek you'll love the clumsy girl guard. I am notorious for injuring myself and these shoes have a rubber thingy that goes over your toes so you can't stub them on rocks! Its like a tennis shoes and a sandal bunched into one. Its a tandle and its awesome.
4. Welch's fruit snacks (berries n' cherries) - I am hypoglycemic so I have to keep stuff in my purse when my sugar gets low. These squishy gummies of goodness knock the edge of a sugar plunge. They are only 80 calories a pack and I think give you 100% of your vitamin C intake for the day. Dont quote me; I am out right now or I would double check the box.

5. Blistex silk and shine - This chapstick is super wonderful. It has an SPF 15 and really makes your lips feel sensational. Adam likes the way it tastes too. I mean, he doesn't eat it (that would be so funny."Hey honey while your at the store can you pick up some oreos and blixtex silk and shine?") Its just better when he kisses me that he doesn't taste wax.

6. McAlisters cesar salad - I am a cesar salad fanatic. If you haven't tried the one at McAlister's you dont know what you are missing. Other places with awesome ones are Red Lobster, Logans, and Ricatoni's.

6. Old Navy - Listen, I am working on a teacher's salary. This means funds are LOW. I can go into any Old Navy and find at least one thing I have to buy.

7. TJ Maxx - Oh my gosh, I wish I had a million dollars to spend in this store. And, with the prices, that would buy a lot. You can buy everything here. Looking for a new shower curtain - thye've got it. Need a cute pair of shoes - look no further. Have to have a cute serving platter for your party - its here. Its like a mini Wal-Mart but with way better stuff.... and no freezer section.

8. Adam's Acer laptop - I bought a Toshiba one in college and it is horrible. I had never heard of the Acer brand, but it is very cool. He's had it for a long time and not a single problem out of it.

9. Bath and Body Works Midnight Pomegranate body splash - No, I didn't buy this because of the sudden pomegranate craze. It was on sale when I went into the store so I bought it. It smells like perfection in a bottle. I know all people aren't fans of the pomegranate smell, but I think its very spiffy.

10. Dove moisture therapy replenishing mist - My hair gets super dry with all of the heat styling I do. Found this great stuff at Wal-Mart and I swear by it now.

Hope you have found one or two new things you might like to try. Also, if you know of something fantastic, please share! I'm always looking for "the perfect ____".


Lynn said...

LOVE IT!!! As I sat reading your "commercials" I was also steadily writing some of them down. Love this idea, keep it up!!


Tassie Rosamond said...

If i had to make it list of must-haves, it would be too redneck to list.

California Girl said...

First of all, thank you for leaving me a comment. I love that English major hang up of correcting people or just cringing inwardly. Snobby? I guess so. Anyway, just read your blog for the first time and it's great! Great color, fun writing and interesting to look at. Nice job! I am jealous! I love mascara (Estee Lauder More Lash) and I try to hit TJ's every other week to see what's new. I work in advertising and have been writing commercials for years so I have to laugh about anything relating to them.