Thursday, July 17, 2008

God speaks softly; do yourself a favor and buy a hearing aid...

If God laughs, he is having a hee-haw of time at me right now. (This might be a long post, brace yourself) Let me go back a few months. (Here is where you have the diddly do and waving fingers from Wayne's World..) So Adam and I started looking for a place to rent in May. We found a great place. Two car garage, two balconies for Indi, two walk in closets - it was great. WELL... then I started thinking (Adam has warned me about this) that we could buy a house for what our rent would be at this place. AND the lady from the place called and said our place wouldnt be ready by August 1st. I decided we should begin looking for a house. Well, after we were set on buying, and found the one on White Dr. that we really liked, the lady calls back and says our place WILL be ready August 1st (AHH) I told her we were just going to buy a house and we wanted to cancel our lease. We did all that stuff, then after the house saga I discussed in earlier posts, we decided to rent. Well, we canceled our lease at the highlands so I started looking for other places. Found a place that would work for us and Indi that was 750 a month. Then I started thinking (oh no...) we were going to pay 800 at the first place and it included cable and internet (a good $100). So basically the first place was a better deal AND it had more accomodations for Indi. Went over to the highlands and as I walked in the lady said my deposit would be here Friday. I said, weeeeellll, and went on to explain the situation. She said that hadn't rented the place we wanted and we could have it back. Oh the happiness! Signed the lease (AGAIN) and walked out quite pleased with myself. So basically, we are right back where we started before this whole crazy mess began! I mean, come on, God let everything work out with the place in the beginning, then I looked for a house and God spoke through our parents saying "dont do it, dont do it" , then spoke through the lady when she said it would be ready... I just need to shut up and listen more often. (I orginially had the name of the place we got, but then I remembered Adam yelling at me when I first told him I started a blog "Jess, strangers can find out things about us! So I decided that maybe I shouldn't share our new residence with the entire cyber world)

With ALL that being said we will not be living in a box on the drill field. We may have to shack up with some friends for a week or two if the place isnt ready by August 1st, but Chris and Jess said we could stay with them. Other than not being homeless, not much is going on. Indi is still alive (always a good thing) and she hasnt chewed up anything else - but then again I havent let her in the house while I'm not there.

I solved yet another saga involving Target - again, very pleased with myself. I should discuss this for a moment so you can also see how wonderful Target's customer service is (yes, I even wrote a letter telling them how pleased I was). So I ordered this oh so cute comforter set online to match this awesome painting Jess and Chris gave us for our wedding (it is of St. Louis cathedral in New Orleans...Adam proposed in front of it) I was all excited and waited and waited for it to come in. When it never came I checked the status of it on my Target account.... it said it had been delivered. Um, no, I had been a lazy bum since we got back from the honeymoon and an oh so cute comforter set had not been placed in my hands. Sooo, I called UPS, they gave me another number. Called it and they said to call Target. Called Target. They said to check with my neighbors. Checked with neighbors, no comforter. Called Target back - the very nice woman said they would replace it with no problem. (yeah, I was shocked) So she gave me the day it would be delivered. I sat at home and waited. Then, the glorious UPS man pulled up in front of my house, but alas, he didnt bring me a package. As he pulled away I called UPS again, very concerned that some neighbor would now have TWO of my oh so cute comforter sets. They said they would have to call the driver and check on it. They called me back and said the package had been delivered. Again, UH NO! I am not holding the darn comforter in my hands! Told the lady this and she said to walk around outside.... low and behold they had delivered the package to the unit on the back of the house. I now have my comforter set and a place to live - all is right with the world.


Tassie Rosamond said...

I'm glad you got your looks great! Keep're so funny!!!