Friday, July 25, 2008


So, who doesnt love Karen Mock. If you don't know this gal, you should. She is totally hilarious (Has anyone else noticed that I work with so many funny people?) I was reading her blog today and she so kindly explained how she got her cute background. I tried it out... not sure if this will be THE ONE, but it works for now. The only bad thing is that once you upload the code, it deletes all your widgets. I know, a widget? What the crap. But it seriously is the word they use to describe all the little extra thingies on your blog. (Adam called me in the midst of this renovation and accused me of being a computer nerd... well, yea! What else am I supposed to do when he gets to be Rambo?) Anyway, the point is, once you get all your pictures up to see how you like it, it takes them all off if you chage the background. I just didnt have time to deal with all that this morning. Its already 9:32 and I am sitting at my computer un-showered and in my p.j's.
People, you will never believe what was on my porch this morning. So in an earlier post I told you all about my run in with the target comforter. I never got the first one, but did get the second one.... low and behold, as I crossed the street this morning (Yes, I have to sleep at Adam's house so Indi doesnt unknowingly commit doggie suicide by devouring roach bait) I saw a big box in front of my door. I took it inside and what do you think it was - yes, my comforter. The info on the outside was all dingy like it had been out in the weather. I'm thinking that it must have been delivered to the house next door and when the new people moved in, they were kind enough to bring it over. Anyway, now I am faced with an ethical question. Do I take it back to Target and explain or do I return it and get a gift card? My heart is absolutely telling me to just give it back to them.... then that little evil voice in my head says "You are poor. Return that thing and get the gift card! You have dealt with drama, this is just a little serendipity to show the universe occassionally falls in your favor." Thoughts anyone? Am I horrible for having this evil voice? Okay, I think I am just going to give it back to them and explain. Darn my conscience...

I really need to get off this thing and head to school to get some work done. Mom is coming later tonight so I have to have time to clean before she gets here. In case you havent met my mother, the easiest way to describe her is Marie Barrone. I am a faithful watcher of Everybody loves Raymond and my mother couldn't be more like Marie (except she is way cuter). My life immitates that show in so many ways is scary... well enough with that, I am seriously going to get ready now. Enjoy the day blog readers!


LT (and Max) said...

i love new bloggers! :)
i'm linking you to my blog.
looking forward to seeing A LOT of you soon!

Karen said...

Oh what a nice thing to say about me! My Momma would say I sure have you fooled! I enjoy your blog keep up the good job I have you linked to mine as to blogs worth reading! I can't wait to see you next Friday enjoy this last bit of it !

Tassie Rosamond said... me!