Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I win the award...

Let me begin by saying that this blog is not helping my stress level. This morning Adam called and needed me to rush over and do something (will discuss further in a moment) and I was so upset because I have so much to do. On the way home I realized, um Jessica, you were reading blogs when Adam called. HELLO! I don't think blog reading will help you get moved or get your classroom ready. I have issues.

Not that I have the feeling too many guys read my blog, (let's be honest here. My blog is pink. I write about mascara and bridesmaid drama.)but just in case, here's a warning to the males, skip this one. However innappropriate even girls might find this, it has to be said. During that "wonderful time" I turn into super bitch (also, please excuse my lack of a better term). It's like in an instant I run into that phone booth and plow out with a huge SB on my pink leotard and reak havack on anyone I come in contact with. I also appologize in advance for the reoccuring mentions of Adam. Look, I am newly married, cut me some slack (omg, that was bitchy too, wasnt it?) So I am at my computer reading blogs and having a generally lovely time. Then Adam calls... he needs me to run over to the office and pick up something to fax while I am at school today. Of course I hadn't even considered taking a shower or getting ready yet, so like a good wife I just run to the car in my p.j.'s to meet him. On the drive, I turn onto the road I know it is either on, or right off of. I call Adam. No answer. I drive, I call Adam. No answer. I drive some more, I call Adam. No answer. For the love of cookies, answer the phone! I reach the end of the road right as he calls. It's too late... I'm now in bitch mode. I immediately starting getting on his case about not answering the phone as I tried to tell him where I was. He vaguely knew, and tried to direct me to the office. All the while, I am yelling obscenities into the phone at him because he can't give me adequate directions. It is now his fault that I was cursed with the ability to get lost in a paper bag. (I am not kidding. I am directionally challenged. It's quite tragic) So I'm talking on the phone to Adam, making crazy weaves and turns, and I eventually find the office. I pulled up and of course he asked what was wrong... bad move. I told him EXACTLY what was wrong - he sucked at giving directions (well, in so many words). He handed me the fax and said "okay, I'll see you later." To this my response was "YOU'RE WELCOME!!" I don't think Adam will be rushing home after work today. Anyway, we all know that right after you have the bitch fest, you have the emotional break down. This happened as soon as I got home. I got online to finish my blog reading and read Tassie's blog. I started crying. Then, I realized how horrible I was to the man who, just last night, helped me cut out giant bananas for my school bulletin board. I am a horrible wife. I cry more. Ugh, what the crap? I just want to pick an emotion and go with it, ya know? I now think I am back to my SB role. I have the feeling that people at school who have read this will be avoiding me later when I show up. "Oh crap, here she comes! Look away, look away!" Well, I did manage to get my shower so now I suppose I need to get my face on and head to school to actually get something accomplished. For all of you who might see me today, I pray for your sake I am back to "emotional wreck" instead of the above mentioned.


Britt said...

LOL!! I know EXACTLY how you feel girl! I can't begin to tell you how many "why did I just do that!?" moments I have had in my PMS lifetime!! Hope your day gets better!