Sunday, July 13, 2008

Did you eat the toilet paper???

So I know this is my second post today.... please don't conclude that I am a complete dork with nothing to do. I mean, its kinda true - I am just procrastinating doing school work and addressing thank you letters. So there is slight clarity in the home situation. I think we need to rent until Adam graduates. I have bored you with enough details about this house thing so I will leave it at that. Now I just have to get Adam on board with the idea....and find a three weeks.....Worried you ask? OF COURSE! Okay, I am tired of this. Moving on....

I don't think I have mentioned Adam's dog (um, I guess she's mine now too) Indianna. We call her Indi. Anyway, I have to share the drama that is Indi for a second. I went to Adam's house yesterday to check on her (on a side note, yes Adam and I still have two houses we are leasing. I cant have dogs at my place and his place is old and gross so we are going back and forth right now. Yes, it sucks.) I come in to find that I had left the bathroom door open by mistake... dun dun dun. Indi had taken out her aggressions and lonliness on roll of toilet paper.

This "aggression roll" had been strewn throughout the whole house. Immediately I started talking to her like a child. Why do people do this to their dogs? Do you ever wonder what we must sound like to them? We just assume they understand English but to them it has got to sound crazy. When we were in the Dominican on our honeymoon I would hear people speaking spanish to their dogs and I would sit and wonder if that is what it sounds like (I cant really speak or understand much spanish so it kinda sounds like vbkjroguhorh;sldhg;lg to me.... hence the reference to it sounding like English to a dog). Anyway, I thought this would be a lesson to me to keep doors shut - which I did. However, today I came over to find the remnants of a Combat roach killer bait thingy all over the couch.

Not only did that little devil eat poisonous roach bait, she got on the couch! I bet she was just sitting there on the couch all relaxed like "la la la mommy... I'm on the couch and I'm eating roach bait. Whacha gonna do?" Relax my dear dog loving friends, I immediately called my friend Bud who is in vet school and he said she would be fine. I'm keeping an eye on her right now. Hopefully nothing awful will happen. I hope this isnt an indication to Adam of what kind of mother I will be... I mean not that I would leave my child alone in the house with roach bait on the floor...Alright, enough for today. I will continue filling you in on all of my random thoughts tomorrow! Oh yeah, I get to officially change my name tomorrow!!!! Woo Hoo!!!


Jake said...

Spanish sounds like that to me too! (vhguidshjfhf;ityriu) far as publishing goes, I'm working on a couple projects. One's a bible story and one's about some little talking animals (kind of like Wind in the Willows).
If it ever works out, I'll send ya'll a copy.

Tassie Rosamond said...

i could tell you some pretty gross stories about things my family dogs have chewed up!!!