Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I know, I know, I havent blogged in a while. To my huge fan base (and by that I mean Tassie) I extend my appologies. First of all, Tassie found out the hearing loss and ringing aren't due to a tumor. Its not a tumor! YAY! I know she was super worried about this so it was a total blessing.

Adam is still gone on his little cowboy and indian training, however he comes back Saturday!!! I cant believe how much I have missed him in only two weeks! I did find that the blog helps when he is not here to vent to though. I've also been trying to keep myself busy this week working on school stuff. I walked into my room for the first time Monday and it was a little overwhelming... all the furniture was in the corner of the room and the kid's tables were turned on their side. Well, me and all my muscles were ready! I went over to one of the tables and did a little heave-ho action on it.... nothing. I couldn't even lift it. Poor little me, sitting there in the middle of 7 upturned kids tables not knowing what to do. (Cue superhero music) Tassie to the rescue! She kindly offered to come help me arrange my room (not doing much to put to rest the lesbian lover rumors... haha). So, after our work Monday and the stuff I did yesterday, its almost done. I still have some little things to do here and there and papers to file, but the bulk of it is complete. Its a little scary starting this second year teaching after all the drama I encountered last year, but I am going in optimistic. I mean, as long as no kid says they are gonna bring a gun to school and shoot everyone up it will already be better than last year! And these kids think I am totally young... granted, I am, but I had a kid in my last class tell me I couldn't be playing no kickball cause I was middle aged. Oh boy did I have some laughs. I know I will have even more this year though. Totally off subject, but I have to share a totally hilarious kid story... So when I was assisting I helped out with the after school tutoring program. There was this cute kid who had some behavior problems. Well, before tutoring started, I was cutting off his tattle tail (his teacher had tied a string to his belt loop because he kept tattling). This other boy walked by and was like, what is that string for? The behavior kid bowed up on him (yes, you learn terms like this teaching) and got in his face and said "I'm a tattle tail, boy!" This probably isnt NEARLY as funny in this post as it was being there. He was just all hard core about it and it was so funny. Well, more stories later.

I think today I will go to Wal-Mart (oh the joys!) and work on school stuff. I also told Tassie that we would hang out and do something later. Unless it involves standing on a street corner with an empty cup in my hand and a sign saying "teacher- need money", it will have to be something VERY inexpensive. I have some strangebrew gift cards, maybe we'll do coffee.

Sorry my post isnt more entertaining or witty today... kinda a slow week I guess. Maybe something awesome will happen at Wal-Mart today and I can tell you all about it tomorrow. I know, keep your fingers crossed! haha


Tassie Rosamond said...

Hey it's me....your fan base!!! How unrandom was it that we saw each other at Walmart? I believe it is the center of all life. BTW, I thought your tattle tail story was very funny! Love you!

Carrie said...

I laughed out loud (literally) at that tattle tail story! funny! and I'm right there with you about needing very inexpensive things to do...I'm so broke....I havent even been to walmart to get some much-needed school stuff yet! ugh...

and I'm SOOO jealous that your room is done and you're working on filing room is NOT done, and my filing cabinets need to be cleaned/organized SO BAD but I dont think there's gonna be time for that...sad.