Thursday, July 24, 2008

I know you are all anxiously waiting to hear if anything amazing happened at Wal-Mart.... well, not really. I saw Tassie there which was totally random. She had Raelynn with her and as we walked in, Raelynn asked me where my child was. What?? Tassie explained that since I had just gotten married the next logical step is having a baby. I said "Raelynn, I dont have any kids." To this she responded, "oh sorry. Well maybe soon?" I said "well, not for a while" and she perked up and said "you'll have one soon". Oh dear... I am praying that Raelynn did not inherit her mother's "feelings". Let me side track for a moment to explain... Tassie often calls me with "feelings". She has explained that she's not psychic or anything, she just gets feelings. She predicted when Adam would propose (very scary) and has been right on about a few other things. If Raelynn follows in her footsteps and predicts children soon, I am in for a world of hurt. Not that I dont like kids- I LOVE kids. I'm a teacher for goodness sakes. I just know that if we had one now, it would be sooooo hard if Adam had to go overseas. And, not to mention the fact that he is still in school and SUPER busy. Let's all just keep our fingers crossed mother nature holds off for a few more years!

As I blog, I realize my life has done a total 180 in the past few days. I mean, before it was all "Days of our lives" and now it has digressed to "Days of the Wal-Mart". Its crazy how life can go from..... well, crazy, to seemingly uneventful. There have been no recent sagas to report, no worries of homelessness, and no Indi destruction. Like I mentioned (or did I?), Mom is coming to help me pack tomorrow - that will be fun. Two cool gals sitting in an apartment wrapping picture frames in bubble wrap. Yes, we will spice it up a little and throw some tupperware and plates into the mix. Please, dont all get jelous at once. Well, I suppose I need to get the day started. I forgot some stuff at Wal-Mart yesterday so I guess the "Days of Wal-Mart" soap opera will be a two parter.


Tassie Rosamond said...

I have a "feeling" that I'll be posting later. If I don't talk to you tomorrow, enjoy having your mom there.